About Us

Introduction of LondonPrints

LondonPrints is our online platform to showcase & sell our in-house designed & manufactured shirts. Through this platform, we bring you hundreds of our fresh and trendy creations in casual wear shirts. Our wide range of shirts will make you stand out during daily wear as well as special occasions such as family/friend gatherings and workplace events.

Our History

Our association with textile businesses has been almost 6 decades. We started two leading textile showrooms in Gadag, Karnataka during the 1960s with the name of Rajkamal Stores and Rajlaxmi Textiles.

In 2005, we ventured into manufacturing and trading of dress materials under the name of ‘Raksha Creation’. We have been supplying textile products pan India since then. Now, we are further making it easier for our customers to explore & buy our products via our online platform “LondonPrints”.

Our Values

  • Customer Centricity
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Consciousness towards Environment & Social Responsibility

We Are Focussed Towards

Delivering Quality Products to our Customers

Based on our decades of fabric experiences & customer interactions, we understand that people's tastes in daily wear & casual wear. We strive to develop new & trendy designs through in-house teams of designers/artisans/weavers/tailors. Each of our products goes through quality check (fabric richness, design pattern finishing, accurate quality) before shipping to customers.

Innovating at Each Step of our Journey

We believe innovation is one of the most critical success factors for all beings, entities and society. We make efforts to apply innovation at every step & process of our operations, be it raw material sourcing, simplifying SOPs, technology adoption, process automations, customer distribution channels, etc.

Making our Operations Environment Friendly

We are conscious about the environment & continuously make efforts to reduce waste by-products & carbon emissions. For example, to imprint designs on fabric, we have done away with the dyeing process (which leaves chemical waste) years ago & instead use digital printing technology which has zero chemical waste. We are also working on replacing plastic packaging material with a suitable recyclable or biodegradable material.