7 Wardrobe Essential Printed Men's Shirts For Versatile Style

7 Wardrobe Essential Printed Men's Shirts For Versatile Style

A casual shirt is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. From its comfort to its versatility, a casual shirt is the epitome of comfort and fashion. Printed casual shirts for men have been loved by the fashion industry as one can express their individuality with printed shirts. In this blog, we have listed 7 essential printed shirts that one should have for a diverse wardrobe ready to be styled on any occasion. 

London Print is a platform where we offer our customers an in-house production of mens printed shirts online. Our team has curated this collection that adheres to the latest trends to ensure that your wardrobe is up to date and your fashion card never fails. 

Cuban shirts or Striped shirts for casual wear 

The classic old Cuban shirt or striped shirt will never go out of style. The vertical striped shirts have been one of the most loved patterns from the many printed shirt designs. The simplicity and classy look of the shirt make them popular in both formal and casual wear for men. The stripes of this shirt could be compact or broad. These shirts usually have dual shades or the same or different hues. 

Floral printed shirt for a casual hangout

The floral print shirt is more of a casual shirt for outings or for casual events in formal settings. A friendly hangout, especially the one arranged at the last moment, calls for you to go easy on the styling part. Put on a floral shirt with ripped jeans or layer it with a t-shirt or a monotone color jacket to add definition to your attire. 

Abstract printed shirt to express your persona 

What we wear plays a major role in how people perceive us or a part of it. So, a printed shirt makes a perfect choice for you to express yourself and build your style statement. An abstract shirt includes abstract designs in vibrant shades of shirts that could be styled with jackets or a plain monotone t-shirt. The shapes may vary from geometrics to random enticing patterns, you must choose what feels like the perfect fit for you. 

Jaipuri printed shirt for an ethnic touch 

If you thought that casual shirts were fit for only casual or formal settings, we have a surprise for you! Enters in chat, our Jaipuri printed shirt with its ethnic flair makes the perfect fit for festive events. The Jaipuri print shirt has traditional floral and geometric patterns paired with vibrant shades that complement the festive aesthetics. Pairing it with a monotone blazer or chino and loafers complete a comfortable outfit for a festive event like a wedding, celebration, and more. 

Tropical printed shirt for vacation vibes 

Nothing can beat the vacation vibes quite like a tropical printed shirt. The vibrant shades of the floral patterns or the abstract patterns adorning this printed shirt scream comfort and fashion. These shirts are more popular with the name ‘goa shirt’ as they fit the beach aesthetics well. Paired with short pants, they make the perfect for a relaxed weekend on a beach. 

Anime printed shirt for art lovers 

Quirky drawings inspired by the animated movies and characters make the stunning anime printed shirt. If you love art and express your unique personality through clothing, the anime shirt for men is perfect for you. The vibrant shades and captivating printed patterns make them a perfect addition to your wardrobe to diversify and add a quirky element to it. Whether it is a party at your friend's house or a fun gathering for a fun night out, an anime shirt is your go-to choice to express your artistic flair. 

Orchid printed shirt for the nature lovers 

Orchid printed shirt is a comfortable mix of captivating flora and fauna illustrations with stunning neutral tones. The flora and fauna patterns are of darker shades contrasting with the light shade of the shirt making an enticing combination to add to your closet. Paired with dark-shaded jeans it makes good attire for a casual hangout 


A casual shirt is a must-have in men’s closet as it makes versatile apparel to add to your collection. A printed shirt for men can be easily styled for formal, casual, or informal settings. From the striped shirt for your casual work day to the anime print shirt for night parties, the printed shirt for men allows one to experiment with their style for every occasion. If you plan a vacation on a beach, a tropical shirt is your friend, while a Jaipuri shirt will help you slay the ethnic vibe of a festive occasion. Find your perfect printed shirt at London Prints, where every shirt is created in our in-house production with precision. 

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